Oak Processionary Moth

OPM Experience

G&T Experience 2010

The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew monitored egg plaque hatching times to determine regional emergence (19th April).

Within 2 weeks of emergence preventative foliage spray of DiPel on all infected trees from 2009.

Instar stage L3 found on London Borough of Ealing trees 13th May.

Deltamethrin applied to scaffold branches on all 2009 trees. External pesticide specialists were used for Deltamethrin spray. They sprayed 19 public trees and only one nest developed on these.

Nest removal by vacuum on 12 public trees and 26 private trees.

Vacuum nest removal also carried out on trees at Hanger Lane, A406 North Circular.

Gristwood and Toms staff also travelled to Holland to meet and work with Henry Kuppen, recognised as a world authority on OPM.

Trapping with Dutch (funnel) traps and Forestry Commission (Delta) traps.

Oak Processionary Moth - 2010 Activity

Oak Processionary Moth - 2010 Activity