Oak Processionary Moth

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Why Gristwood and Toms

They are a proactive and progressive leader in OPM management.

They have an exclusive partnership with a leading European expert.

They have access to the latest Research & Development findings.

They are committed to protecting you, the public, their staff and the environment.

They are fully equipped to handle all situations quickly and efficiently.

Act Now

Gristwood and Toms have considerable experience working where the Oak Processionary Moth is prevalent, and have developed effective ways to treat and restrict its spread. They have a team on quick response to deal with nests as they are spotted. If you have any concerns that the Oak Processionary Moth might be affecting the trees in your area, then now is the time to act. The earlier they are spotted, the better chance there is of containment. Contact Gristwood & Toms for immediate help and advice.

Oak Processionary Moth - On Tree Trunk

Oak Processionary Moth - Manual Removal

Oak Processionary Moth - Manual Removal